Friday, April 11, 2008

Fish Tacos

corn tortillas
oil for frying
bagged coleslaw mixed(without the dressing)
frozen breaded or battered fish fillets
tarter sauce(1 cup mayo, chopped up pickles or relish, lemon juice to taste)

Bake fish according to directions. Make tarter sauce and reserve in fridge. In a skillet, fry corn tortillas on both sides until either soft or crispy(as you like it), fold over to make taco shell and reserve on paper towels. To assemble, smear inside of taco shells with tarter sauce. Cut fish in chunks, and fill bottom of tortilla shell; top with crunchy coleslaw mix.


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Thanks Rachel Ray!

Katie said...

I HAVE to try this! Don't forget squeezing lime on top! I haven't had fish tacos in so long. Thanks for the recipe.